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EUP EUI HEUI Common rail system test bench CR708

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EUP EUI HEUI Common rail system test bench CR708

EUP EUI HEUI Common rail system test bench CR708, This is our Multi-funtion Test bench, rich test data and rich accessories.s

Standard Function:
For BOCH DENSO DELPHI SIEMENS PIEZO all common rail injector test, for all common rail pump test, Boch iqa coding function,with remote assistant software

Optional functions:
EUI EUP injectors testing.
2. HEUI injector testing.
3. C9, 320D Pump testing.

1.Industrial computer control ,WINDOWS OS ,19inch LCD screen display
2.Equipped with original imported high - precision flow sensor and automatic turning over measuring cup to do the testing, these two systems can be standby equipment for each other, also ensure the accuracy and reliability of testing.
3. Industrial PC real-time control and display, WINDOWS OS.
4. Oil quantity sensor test oil quantity, 19 inch LCD screen display
5. Adopted original BOCH common rail pump to provide 0~1600 bar rail pressure.
6. Rail pressure can be tested in real time, closed-loop control, Stable pressure, overvoltage protection
7. Adjustable pulse width and frequency of injector's driving signal
8. Injection times can be set free
9. Preset about 500 kinds of injector data, easy to search and compare
10. Short circuit protection
11. Adopted super frequency converter to control rotation speed and insure the testing accuracy
12. Wide operation space, protective plexiglass cover to make sure your safe

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