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Electronic Unit Pump Test Bench

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Electronic Unit Pump Test Bench
Unit pump fuel injection system featuring ultrahigh injection pressure,durability and si mple structure is considered as one of the most promising sys-tems for heavy-duty diesel engine.It is urgent for theheavy-duty diesel engine to meet the EUROIII 
A unit pump test bench is developed on an in-line pump test platform. The bench is composed of pump adapting assembly, fuel supply subsystem, lubricating subsystem and a control unit. A crank angle domain injection control method is given out and the control accuracy can be 0.1' crank degree. The bench can test both mechanical unit pump and electronic unit pump. A test model_PLD12 electronic unit pump is tested. Full pump delivery map and some influence factors test is done. Experimental results show that the injection quantity is linear with the delivery angle. The quantity change rate is 15% when fuel temperature increases 30℃. The delivery quantity per cycle increases 30mg at 28V drive voltage. The average delivery difference for two same type pumps is 5%. Test results show that the bench can be used for unit pump verification.

Created on Wednesday, 13 July 2011 01:01

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