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Gasoline Ultrasonic Cleaning Tester

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Gasoline Ultrasonic Cleaning Tester

Gasoline Ultrasonic Cleaning Tester

This product is applicable to diagnose and clean fuel injectors of various cars manufactured worldwide, improving stability, reliability and reducing pollution. It can perform automatic detecting, analyzing and cleaning.

Main functions

It can not only diagnose and analyze the performance of the fuel injector, but also inspect dribbling, atomization, injecting angle, distributive value, uniformity coefficient, and their on off cycle, etc of single or multiple fuel injectors.

1. Can do reverse flushing, flush-back cleaning, ultrasonic flushing, and disaffiliation-free flushing to one or more fuel injectors

2. Automatically simulate the overall process under various pulse width and engine speed. The operation status of the fuel injectors can also be observed whether at acceleration and deceleration.

3. Can manually set time, pulse width and rotation speed of the fuel injector, and observe the performance under varied parameters. Ease and convenience of operation.

4. Can determine the shortest on-off cycle and the quality of the injector

5. Can do oil circuit testing, and disaffiliation-free flushing to the engine


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