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HEUI Injector

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HEUI Injector

HEUI Injectors Function: 

1. Measurement fuel delivery of four HEUI injectors 2. Sealing test for injector upper seat of the solenoid control valve 3. Can test 4pcs injectors at same time. 

Specification: 1. AC Power: 3-Phase, 5kw, 380V/50Hz or 230V/60Hz or 460V/60Hz 2. Drive System for Actuation Pump. (1). 7.5kw AC Induction Pump (2). VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) Motor Controller 3. Actuation Pump 4. Pressure Range of Actuation Oil: 0~3000psi (0~210bar) 5. Test Oil Low Pressure Supply:0~60psi (0~4bar) 6. Test Oil Tank Capacity: 10.5US gallons (40 liters) 7. Test Oil Temperature Control: (1). Range: 30~50(2). Accuracy: +/- 1(3). Digital Display 8. Test Oil (1). The HEUI test bench is designed to run on single test oil for both oil injection and high- pressure actuation to HEUI injectors. (2). The test oil should meet ISO4113 standard. 9. Injection Quantity Measurement: Two Groups of 4 Graduates, 45/150cc 10. Full Functioned HEUI Control Module 11. Test Oil Filtration: 5µm, Full Flow 

Main Features of HEUI Control Module Adjustable Range of Equivalent Engine Speed of Fuel Injection 0~4000rpm Adjustable Range of Injection Pulse Width 0~6ms Fuel Delivery Measurement Counter Range 1~9999 Simple, User-Friendly Display and Mini-Key Pad 

HUS-2000 HEUI test bench-6

HUS-2000 HEUI test bench-4

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