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New Design, CRS966 Common Rail Test Bench with HEUI functions

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New Design, CRS966 Common Rail Test Bench with HEUI functions

CR966 Multi-Functions Test bench


CRS966 COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH is the professional test bench which is used for testing common rail system, can finish the high-pressure common rail system functional testing.

l Common rail Injectors testing

1.Cleaning high pressure for the impurities inside of the injectors.

2.Atomization test : to judge whether the injector is blocked through the atomization effect.

3.Sealing test: check whether nozzle, nozzle cap nut and solenoid valve leaks oil.

4.Testing the injection and return volume under: VL. TL. LL. VE status. ( (Pre-injection, Idling, Emissions, Full Load) (Leak, VL, EM, LL, VE), BOSCH/SIEMENS ) &Piezo Injector .

5.Test automatically and test 1 injector at one time.

6.Test common rail pumps( BOSCH CP1, CP2, CP3 , DENSO HP2, HP3, HP0, DELPHI, SISMENS)

7.Injector Inductance and Resistance


9.AHE testing

10. Data can be searched , printed and made into database .

11. BIP function.

l EUI EUP & HEUI &CR pumps:

1. Automatically test injection and return volume, pump chamber pressure, feeding pressure and sealing performance for BOSCH, SIEMENS DENSO , DELPHI

common rail pumps.

2. Automatically test BOSCH CUMMINS, DELPHI, DENSO, Mercedes-Benz, Volvo, EUI EUP and Dual-valve E3 etc..

3.Automatically test special DENSO HP0 double electromagnetic sensor, single electromagnetic sensor and so on DNESO Pumps.

4. HEUI C7 C9 , 3126 injectors testing

5. EUI EUP testing

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