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PT cummins pump AFC control device

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PT cummins pump AFC control device

PT cummins pump AFC control device, Checking out Pump Failure 

PT cummins pump AFC control device, Checking this: 

â‘ Start and/or accelerate slowly. If the diesel engine shows difficulty in starting or cannot be started, the possible cause is that the AFC's airless adjustment needle valve is closed or insufficiently opened. At this time, the diesel engine can be started after applying an air pressure of 0.17 MPa to the AFC device, so that the oil flow of the diesel engine at the time of starting bypasses the airless adjustment needle valve. If the diesel engine can be started, the airless adjustment needle valve should be re-adjusted; if the diesel engine cannot be started, it means that the fault may be caused by the AFC device or other reasons (note: the applied air pressure cannot be high, otherwise the diaphragm will be damaged).

If the diesel engine exhibits slow acceleration, the likely cause is a clogged breather screw (the one that connects to the intake manifold) or a loose sleeve of the AFC unit. At this point, the vent screw can be removed to check whether it can be blown through. If it can't blow through, you should clean or replace the ventilation screw; if it can blow through, it may be that the sleeve is loose, and you need to replace the necessary parts for correct installation.

â‘¡Insufficient power and (or) inability to accelerate. If the diesel engine exhibits insufficient power, the likely cause is that the plunger of the AFC unit is stuck in the starting position or the diaphragm is ruptured. At this time, it can be checked by feeding 0.17MPa pressure gas to the air-fuel control device. If the plunger is stuck in the starting position, the air pressure has no effect on the device. If the diaphragm is ruptured, the vent screw will leak.

Another possible reason for the drop in diesel engine power is a loose sleeve of the AFC unit. In this case, the judgment method is as described in the section "Slow" failure.

If the diesel engine fails to accelerate properly, the possible cause is that the pipe connecting the AFC unit is leaking, clogged or not well connected; the diaphragm is ruptured; Insufficient speed); the plunger movement of the AFC device is inflexible; the air and fuel control device is adjusted incorrectly, the working time delay is too long, the injector network oil pipe is blocked, etc. At this time, you should first check whether the connecting pipe of the AFC device is leaking or blocked, whether the fuel return pipe of the injector is blocked, and then check the other possible causes above. If necessary, replace damaged parts and readjust.

It must be noted that when checking and handling the faults of the AFC device, except for external faults that do not involve the PT pump, such as air leakage from the connecting pipe, blockage of the fuel injector return pipe, closed fuel tank vent, etc. Adjust the PT pump on the test bench to make the relationship between pressure and flow meet the design requirements, otherwise the working performance of the diesel engine will not be guaranteed. During normal use, the PT pump should be calibrated annually to ensure its performance.

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