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Sensors be important Use for common rail system

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Sensors be important Use for common rail system

Sensors be important Use for common rail system

Sensors type in Common rail system :
1. The crankshaft sensor accurately calculates the position of the crankshaft, which is used to calculate the injection timing, injection quantity and speed.
2. When the camshaft sensor judges that the cylinder and crankshaft sensor are invalid, it is used for lame home (temporary operation).
3. The intake air temperature sensor measures the intake air temperature, corrects the fuel injection quantity and fuel injection timing, and the overheat protection boost pressure sensor monitors the intake air pressure, calculates the intake air quantity together with the intake air temperature, and integrates it with the intake air temperature.
4. The cooling water temperature sensor measures the cooling water temperature and is used for cold start, target idle speed calculation, etc., and is also used to correct the fuel injection advance angle and overheat protection.
5. The common rail pressure sensor measures the fuel pressure in the common rail pipe to ensure stable control of the fuel pressure.
6. The accelerator position sensor sends the driver's intention to the controller ECU.
7. The vehicle speed sensor provides the vehicle speed signal to the ECU, which is used for vehicle drive control and is provided by the vehicle.
8. Atmospheric pressure sensor is used to correct fuel injection control parameters at different altitudes and is integrated in the ECU.

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