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Fuel Injection System News

  • FOTMA Fuel Parts, LUCAS CAV Blade 7135-108

    FOTMA Fuel Parts, LUCAS CAV Blade 7135-108

  • Injection Nozzles

    Injection nozzles for diesel engines feed the fuel into the combustion chamber, vaporize the fuel, shape the injection process and seal the combustion chamber. They consist of the nozzle body or nozzle-holder assembly and the nozzle needle. The nozzle-holder assembly provides pressure-proof m

  • Fuel Rail Bosch

    Fuel RailA fuel rail is essentially a pipe (usually resembling a rail) used to deliver fuel to individual fuel injectors on internal combustion engines. It is designed to have a pocket or seat for each injector as well as an inlet for a fuel supply. Some fuel rails also incorporate an attached fue

  • CRS-5000 Common Rail Tester, Application for Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens System

    CRS-5000 is a cost-effective, modular designed equipment to test all kinds of diesel common rail fuel injection systems. Features:CR Injector Drivers:● 6 solenoid injectors ■ High voltage for Bosch, Denso injectors ■ Low voltage for Delphi injectors● 6 piezoelectric injectors, made by Siemens and Bo

  • New Design Application to Any Test Bench, Addd-on HEUI Tester

    The primary pump (1) supplies fuel to a high-pressure reservoir, the fuel rail (2), where the fuel is stored at the optimal pressure for the engine's instantaneous operating conditions in preparation for subsequent injection. Each of the engine's cylinders is equipped with an injector (4) feat

  • Tester for Diesel Injection Unit Pump and Unit Injector

    Unit pump The Unit Pump system is a modular high-pressure diesel injection system, which is closely related to the Unit Injector system (UI), and is designed for use in commercial vehicle diesel engines. Both systems use an individual injection pump, driven by an extra camshaft lobe for each

  • HEUI Injector

    HEUI Injectors Function: 1. Measurement fuel delivery of four HEUI injectors 2. Sealing test for injector upper seat of the solenoid control valve 3. Can test 4pcs injectors at same time. Specification: 1. AC Power: 3-Phase, 5kw, 380V/50Hz or 230V/60Hz or 460V/60Hz 2. Drive System for Actuation Pump

  • FOTMA Design, HEUI Tester for Navistar T444E Engine

    The T444E is a Diesel V8 engine manufactured by Navistar International Corporation. It was used by Ford Motor Company, branded the Ford Power Stroke engine, from 1994 through 2003, replacing an earlier 7.3 L indirect-injection V8 from Navistar. It was replaced in 2003.5 (After December 31st 2002)

  • China New Top Common Rail System Test Bench, Remote Control, Multifunctional Test Bench

    New Design for Common Rail System Test Bench, Remote Control

  • FOTMA New Design CAT High Pressure Oil Pump Tester for South Africa Market

    HUP-100 High Pressure Oil Pump Tester is an add-on equipment to test high pressure oil pump (HPOP) on CAT HEUI engines. The HPOP pump is driven by a traditional diesel high pressure pump test bench. HUP-100 provides oil supply, controls the oil actuation pressure from the HPOP pump, and measur

  • FOTMA Common Rail System Test Bench, New Design

    FM-3000S Common Rail System Test Bench, WINDOWS operation system, LCD screen, oil measure digital display, support BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO system, with Bosch date base for testing reference, cleaning nozzle. FM-3000S can do with flow sensor system, or weight measure system. Also can do 2, 4, 6, 8, 12

  • Navistar DT engine

  • Bosch common rail oil pump CP4 Parameter

    Bosch common rail oil pump CP4 Parameter CP4 characteristic parameters:1) One or two plunger unit types (V90);2) Internally supported radial piston pump;3) Diversified cams and roller bodies;4) Aluminum pump body (without high-pressure guide);5) Stainless steel head with integrated high pressure val

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