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Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench


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12PSDW-A Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench, Computer Controller Type

12PSDW-A Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench, Computer Controller type, 12 cylinders, Digital Screen, controlled by Computer in real time, Measure Display in Glass tube
Power: 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw etc.
Voltage: 380V/50HZ or 220V/50HZ, 3-phase
  • 12PSDW150A


  • 9031809090

12PSDW-A Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench, Computer Controller Type, 12cylinders, Digital Screen, controlled and measured by Computer in real time.
Power: 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw, 22kw etc.
This is a kind of fuel injection pump test stand adopting industrial PC with color CRT. It's
developed on the requirement of high power and environment-friendly.
Human-machine interface design. Digital control of RPM, temperature, air pressure, diesel fuel pump technical parameter and in pace with print. Also, very easy and quick operated.
This series test bench adopts high quality frequency converter, and cast iron base to widen and increase the weight of machine body. With much more stability, high reliability, high precision, auto-protection function, ultra low noise, etc.
It's really human-machine friendly dialog and advanced products. 
1. Changing frequency changing rotation speed;
2. Small fall of rotation speed and high output torque;
3. High measurement precision, High efficiency, Energy saving;
4. Over voltage, Overload and short circuit protection; 
5. Ten kinds of rotation speeds presetting;
6. Constant temperature controlled;
7. Rotation speed, count, temperature, air pressure and advance angle are displayed by computer screen.
8.  Built-in Air resource
9.  Can be operated from both sides
1. Measurement of each cylinder's delivery at various rotation speeds
2. Checking each cylinder's injection starting position and delivery interval angle
3. Checking and adjust the mechanical speed governor.
4. Checking and adjusting the distributor pump.
5. Checking and adjusting behavior of supercharging and compensatory device. 
6. Measurement of the reflux delivery of distributor pumps
7. Checking the electromagnetic valve of distributor pumps. (12V/24V)
8. Measurement of the distributor pump's body internal pressure.
9. Measurement of the advance angle. 
10. Checking the sealing of fuel injection pump body
11. Install tube of auto-sucking oil supply can check oil supply pump. (including VE pump.)
12. Measurement of rack travel (Option) 
13. Machine oil lubrication system (Option)
14. Cast iron base (Option)
15. Forced Cooler system (Option)
Technical parameters:
1. Adjustable rotation speed range: 0~4000 RPM
2. Test cylinders: 12.
3. Rotation speed presetting: 10 kinds.
4. DC. Supply: 12/24V
5. Feeding pump motor: 1.1kw
6. Series of graduate glass: 45cc, 150cc. The 260cc is optional 
7. Volume of oil tank: 60L 
8. Main shafts Center height: 125mm 
9. Flywheel inertia's moment: 0.8kg.M2, 
10. Stoke counting: 50-9999 
11. Control temperature of fuel oil (℃): 40+2 
12. Feed oil pressure: low pressure 0-0.4MPa, high-pressure 0-4Mpa.
      Internal pressure: 0-0.16MPa, 0-1.6MPa.
13. Rotation direction of Main shafts: Clockwise or Anticlockwise 
14. Packing dimension: 5M3 CBM 
15. Packing weight: 900kg 
16. Output power: 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 11kw and 15 kw or on request
17. 3-phase power supply: 380v/50hz or on request. 
18. Color available: Green, blue, red, yellow or on customers' request.

Test Bench Pictures:
12PSDW185A Test Bench, Green
Test Bench Accessories:
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