Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

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VP37 EDC Tester

EDC(Electronic Diesel Controller)- VP37 Pump Tester
EDC(Electronic Diesel Controller)- VP37 Pump Tester
The repair tester for BOSCH VP37 pump simulates the outputs of an Engine Control Unit (ECU), to control fuel injection quantity by driving the proportional rotary-magnet actuator. The injection quantity consistency under different engine speeds or different fuel injection deliveries can be tested by this tester.
Design Features 
1.Two user selectable operational control modes
 - Open-loop control mode
the angular position of the rotary-magnet actuator is controlled by manually setting the duty circle of the driving PWM signal.
- Close-loop control mode
the operator sets a target position of the rotary-magnet proportional actuator. The system adjusts the duty-cycle of the driving PWM signal automatically according to the real-time measurement of the angular position sensor.
The proportional actuator is stabilized to the target position quickly.
2. Monitor voltage signal of the angular sensor on the LCD screen
3. Button to enable or disable fuel injection cut-off solenoid on VP37 pump
4. Calibrated by a Bosch Genuine Standard Injector

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