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Diesel Fuel Injection Pump Test Bench

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FM-3000S Common Rail System Test Bench, Bosch, Denso, Delphi, Siemens

FM-3000S Common Rail System Test Bench for Injectors and Pumps, WINDOWS operation system, LCD screen, oil measure digital display, support BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO system, with Bosch date base for testing reference, cleaning nozzle
  • FM-3000S, CR-3000A
  • 9031809090
FM-3000S Common Rail System Test Bench for CR Injectors and Pumps

FM-3000S COMMON RAIL TEST BENCH is the professional test bench which is used for testing common rail system, can finish the high-pressure common rail system functional testing. Also it is continuous fuel delivery analysis computerized measuring system for conventional and new diesel injection systems. The electronic fuel delivery measuring system is compulsory for modern diesel injection system testing. It guarantees a high level of reproductivity of the measured value. 
System Application: 
The system is suitable for detection of BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI common rail pump and injectors. Such as CP1, CP2, CP3, HP3 series injector pump and the type of Electromagnetic injectors. It also can test 4 common rail injectors in one time. 
Technical parameters: 
1. Main motor speed: 0-4000 r/min, can be adjustable 
2. Motor power: 7.5kw, 11kw, 15kw, 18.5kw optional 
3. Fuel Injector open voltage 
4. Control range: 12v, 80v, 150v 
5. Control accuracy: phase adjustment 
6. Injector opening frequency control: 0-1000HZ 
7. Control accuracy: 1HZ 
8. Fuel injector hold time 
9. Control range: 0-65535us 
10. Delivery oil count 
11. Control times: 0-1000times 
12. Control accuracy: 1 times 
13. Fuel pressure control: 0-2000 bar 
14. Control accuracy: 1bar 
15. Electronic power: 3 phase 380V / 3 phase 220V optional 
Main Functions: 
Detection of the common rail injectors: Clean, pre-injection, main injection, the maximum injection, minimu (start|) spraying, return oil quantity. 
Cleaning of nozzles. 
Detection: Common rail pressure sensor, pressure regulator. 
Testing environment: Oil temperature regulation, counting measure, adjust the common rail pressure, also can adjust the injection pulse width and duty cycle.
Support system: BOSCH, DELPHI, DENSO 

F M-3000S Common Rail System Test Bench, for test all common rail pumps and injectors, support Bosch, Delphi, Denso, Siemens system, 0-2000bar high-pressure, Flow Sensor system, 15kw, 380V/50HZ, 3-phase, 2 cylinder (test 1pcs injec tors Simultaneously), 1700pcs pum p &injector test data inside, electronic fuel delivery measuring, automatic detection, Including Piezo injector testing function, Denso hp0 pump testing fu nction, DRV contain, with printer
FM-3000S pictures (1)
FM-3000S standrad Common Rail Test

FM-3000S Option Function:
1. Add EUP/EUI cambox test functuon, with rich adaptors
2. Add HEUI test function
3. Add more flow sensor, tester 6pcs injectors simultaneously, 12cyl
4. Add extra 1 set EUP-EUI adaptors, contain those:
900930 EUP adaptor for Mercedes
901775 adaptor for VW-AUDI-Skoda
900785 adaptor for Cummins N14 EUI
901710 adaptor for CAT C12 EUI
900750 adaptor for DDC N2 EUI
900757 adaptor for DDC N3 EUI
901760 adaptor for Scania EUI
Camshaft 13mm
Camshaft 18.5mm
5. Add lubricating oil pumps function
6. Add Force cooling system

FM-3000S with EUP/EUI test kits
FM-3000S+EUP EUI (4)

FM-3000S with HEUI test kits
FMS-300S+HEUI (2)

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