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Adjusting Shims for Common Rail Injector

High-precision Adjusting Shims for common rail injector, such s BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI
  • B11, B14


  • 9031900090

High-precision Adjusting Shims for common rail injector, such s BOSCH, DENSO, DELPHI
1.Products precision
Precision is the key requirement for adjusting shims.Accurate adjustment for fuel quantity is comp;eted depending on grouping of products.We  adopt high-precision optical ruler to control lapping dimension.and can control product precision dimension within 0.002mm,We finish grouping by inspecting one products inside dust-free workshop. One product is measured for no less than 5 times from finishing process to finished product.
2.Geometric tolerance
Geometric tolerance of adjusting shims is directly related to the maintenance quality of fuel injection.main Geometric tolerance requirement for adjusting shims is depth of parallelism .Large shim will affect product tightness while small shim will affect reliability and stability of products.We adopt high-precision double-sided lapping machine to ensure and control depth of parallelism for products within 0.002mm.Adoption of one-time forming process better ensures product axiality

3.Material quality and hardness
Material quality anf hardness of adjusting shims affect durability and stability of products. We choose high quality material material and advanced thermal treatment equipment /technology

Product cleanliness can be better ensured due to multi-channel ultrasonic cleaning ,dust-free workshop package and plastic case sealed.

High-precision Adjusting Shims Kits 

Whole series kits BOSCH Kits DENSO Kits
Model B11/B12/B13/B14/B16/B22/B25/B26/B27/B31 B13/B14/B16/B22/B25/B26/B31 B21/B23/B24/B27
Spec/Qty 5pcs for 10pcs different spec (mm) 10pcs for 10pcs different spec (mm) 10pcs for 10pcs different spec (mm)
Total: 500pcs Total: 700pcs Total: 400pcs

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Adjusting Shims Catalogue (2).jpg


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